About ACR

Welcome to Alameda Community Radio



Alameda Community Radio is presently broadcasting on Ustream.tv 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Presently, our programming  is a rotated mix of music, poetry, and conversations on various topics.  We have recently applied for an FCC Low Powered FM broadcast license.  This will allow us to available on the FM dial along with all the other radio stations.

Alameda Community Radio (ACR) will provide broadcast access, essentially a voice for the entire of the city of Alameda, California. As an island in San Francisco Bay, the city of Alameda occupies a unique place in the Bay Area. Situated next to the larger city of Oakland and just across the bay from San Francisco, Alameda currently has no broadcast media that is uniquely its own. 


ACR will tap into the vast mix of the city – all ages, races and philosophies, providing a social, political, cultural and musical forum for all of Alameda. The result will be original, local programming created and delivered by and for the residents of Alameda including remote broadcasts of local sports, live music and other events. ACR’s music will range from jazz to
blues, oldies to rap, as well as country and other genres, depending upon on its citizen-producers and disc jockeys. 


As part of its commitment to education, Alameda Community Radio will provide broadcast mentoring for the citizens of Alameda that will allow them to create their own programs. The education will include everyone from students to senior citizens. ACR has already brought broadcast education to the students of Alternatives in Action High School (a continuation school). Alternatives in Action students then wrote and produced their own program called “One Up.” The subject of the show is bullying. It combines original music, poetry and
dialogue on real-life experiences and currently runs on ACR’s internet stream. 


Alameda Community Radio will air announcements on other subjects of interest to local residents. On its stream, ACR was the first station to produce and broadcast public service announcements for Alameda’s Relay For Life (an American Cancer Society benefit that raised $80,000 for cancer research in 2013), and Mastick Senior Center, a senior citizen’s resource center providing health services, activities and assistance to Alameda’s elderly residents.


As part of our mission, Alameda Community Radio pledges to enhance community dialogue and participation, through the broadcast of information, ideas, and artistic expression. ACR’s internet lineup already includes a program called “Poetry from the Four Directions.” Alameda’s Poet Laureate is just one of the guests who have read original works on the program, some in Native American languages.


As part of Alameda Community Radio’s mission, we will promote the highest level of journalistic and broadcasting excellence at all times. We will provide a variety of expression, broadcast diverse views, respecting our listeners' interests and showing a willingness to consider a broad spectrum of ideas. We, at Alameda Community Radio, shall learn and grow together with Alameda.