Alameda Community Radio (ACR) was granted a construction permit by the FCC to build a Low-Power FM broadcast radio station right here in Alameda. Soon, ACR will be located at 96.1 on the FM dial as we bring radio back to Alameda.

​Once the station is built… Alameda Community Radio will provide broadcast access, essentially a voice for the entire of the city of Alameda, California. As an island in San Francisco Bay, the city of Alameda occupies a unique place in the Bay Area. Situated next to the larger city of Oakland and just across the bay from San Francisco, Alameda currently has no broadcast media that is uniquely its own. ACR will tap into the vast mix of the city – all ages, races and philosophies, providing a social, political, cultural and musical forum for all of Alameda. The result will be original, local programming created.